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CD/Record Template Layout - $25 +($5 per revision)

  - Do you have your audio tracks ready to be sent to the pressing plant? YES!
  - Do you have your artwork ready to be sent to the printers? YES!
  - Do you have a clue as to how to put said artwork correctly into those templates? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If your answers were anything like these, you're not alone. After all, you're a musician, right!? Not a graphic designer. Fortunately for you, here at Simpul Studio, we have done PLENTY of template work for both CD and Vinyl artwork, for MANY different bands and musicians, using many different printing and pressing companies. If you want it done right, just send us the files and we'll do the rest.


Finish the album artwork, then put it in the templates! - Prices starting at $50

  - Do you have your artwork ready to be sent to the printers? Kind of...

We can help with that too. Lets talk about what you want and we'll go from there.


Simply add text to my artwork - Prices starting at $10

  - Does your text look like garbage when you put it in the artwork? YES!

We can make it look real nice!


Add Album Artwork to MP3's - $10 per album | $5 per single

  - Album Cover and other info, such as album and song names, track numbers, and genre, included